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Voluntary Purchasing Group Fertilome 33371 Horticultural Hydrated Lime, 5-Pound


Hi-Yield Horticultural Hydrated Lime counteracts or neutralizes acidic soils and “sweetens” them. Use Hi-Yield Horticultural Hydrated Lime to loosen heavy clay soils and to reduce odor and flies around outhouses and stables. Hi-Yield Horticultural Hydrated Lime also benefits your soil and plants in number of different ways. For example, by reducing the acidity of overly acidic soils certain substances that are toxic to plants are kept from dissolving. Hi-Yield Horticultural Hydrated Lime increases nitrogen fixation in legumes, increases the activity of beneficial soil-based microbes, and increase the availability of certain nutrients such as Molybdenum and Phosphorus to plants. You can also use this product to make whitewash solution.

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Corrects soil acidity!

Key Product Features

  • Helps loosen heavy clay soils
  • Increases soil pH
  • Supplies calcium to plants and microorganisms
  • You will receive (1) 5 pound bag

Corrects soil acidity and helps loosen heavy clay soils. Increases soil ph. Can be used to keep down odor and flies around stables, outhouses, etc. Supplies calcium to plants and microorganisms. Application rates: bed areas: 1 lb. Per 30 sq. Ft. Whitewash: 5 lbs. Per gallon.

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Weight 84 oz
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 18 in


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